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The Role of Assistive Technology in Special Education
5 months ago


Children with disabilities have for a long time faced a lot of challenges in their quest for education until an educational act was passed outlining they must be provided with the right services and accommodations. The service and accommodations they are provided with must be specific to their unique needs. Among the services that these children should be provided with is assistive technology. Most parents and guardians are unaware of the assistive technology that these children need to have an easy time in their quest for education. If you are such a parent or guardian, continue reading to learn more.


The term assistive technology includes several things like tablets, computers and software. The benefits of computers and tablets are extensive and most people are familiar with them, plus any time you hear the term technology a computer must cross your mind. Assistive technology is not only about providing these children with the technology but ensuring they are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual. Individuals with disabilities have different special needs which must be taken into consideration otherwise you wouldn’t have done much for them. Besides tablets and computers, assistive technology includes software of different types too. Games and word processing software are some of the most common ones you will be come across with assistive technology.


Assistive technology is playing a huge role in education for individuals with disabilities as it allows for collaborative learning. Thanks to this technology, students can easily share files among themselves either in discussions or group projects and it creates convenience too. Technology seems to be changing everything around us and its impacts can be seen in the education sector. Thanks to this technology, the students will never worry about having to submit their assignments or homework the next day because it can be done as soon as it is completed. 


Assistive technology has had an impact on the education of children with physical disabilities and impairments too. Regardless of the type of physical disability or impairment a student is struggling with, these technology has found a way to make learning easier for them. From hearing aid for those with hearing problems to brail materials for the blind, these students have a reason to smile thanks to assistive technology. As the world embraces the changes that come with technology, assistive technology is doing wonders for students struggling with different types of disabilities. These are the roles of assistive technology in special education.


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